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  My images are a reflection of my interest in being a storyteller. The narratives are ambiguous, intending to engage the viewer with suggestions of allegorical meanings, which are revealed in a subtle manner. The figures appear to be anonymous, whose generalized features and details are shrouded in shadow, implying a type of archetypal identity. 

Specific relationships between figures might be conveyed by the degree of physical distance between them rather than facial expressions. A particular landscape or lack of landscape, the use of colors, which range from somber earth tones to deep reds, and the slightly elongated figures, all refer to a surreal environment. 

I intend for my images to be provocative and suggest to the viewer they are getting a glimpse of an ambiguous drama that is taking place somewhere. I hope that my work conveys a sense of beauty and feeling of mystery to those who view it, transporting them beyond the ordinary.